Authors:Isiaka Oluwole Oladele, Samson Oluwagbenga Adelani and Joseph Ajibade Omotoyinbo


In this study, 8011A aluminum alloy was subjected to artificial ageing and joined by tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding process. The effect of welding process on the mechanical (hardness, tensile, impact) properties, corrosion resistance and microstructure of the artificially aged and welded joints were investigated. The sample was divided into pre weld heat treated and as received samples. The pre weld heat treated sample was subjected to solution treatment at 500°C, soaking for 1 hour, and quench in water before artificial ageing was carried out at 180 °C with holding time of 8 hours. Both the pre heat treated and the as received samples were welded using tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding process. It was observed from the results, that the pre weld heat treatment adopted improved the mechanical properties and corrosion resistance ofthe weldments in some of the properties examined. In comparison with the welded samples, the hardness, tensile yield strength and corrosion resistance of the pre weld heat treated samples were significantly improved. There was an improvement of 11% in hardness, 9% in yield strength and 92 % in corrosion resistance when immersed in 3.5 wt% NaCl solution.

Key words: Artificial aging; TIG welding; Pre weld heat treated; Mechanical properties; Microstructure; Corrosion behavior.

DOI: 10.24867/ATM-2020-1-002

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