Authors: Nikola Vorkapić, Saša Živanović, Nikola Slavković, Zoran Dimić, Branko Kokotović


This paper describes the configuration of a 3-axis vertical CNC machine tool for rapid prototyping with one rotary and two translational axes. The machine works in a polar-cylindrical coordinate system. The structure of the machine is C’OXZ. The virtual machine model is configured in the PTC Creo software environment. After configuring the virtual machine, the simulation of the CLFbased was performed in the mentioned software environments, and then the verification according to the G-code program in the Vericut software environment was performed. Programming and control of the configured prototype machine are realized in the LinuxCNC software environment, which is based on the PC platform. Also, in this paper, digital twin of machine realized in a python software environment is shown. The presented results show the proper functioning of the whole system.

Key words: CAD/CAM, CNC machine tool, virtual machine, LinuxCNC , digital twin;

DOI: 10.24867/ATM-2020-1-003

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