Authors: Ismar Hajro, Petar Tasić


The paper presents results of combined, conventional and non-conventional, approach for evaluation of mechanical and technological properties of structural steel's welded joints. The selected structural steels are in the range of most common used strength level(s), as well as corresponding various chemical composition concept(s) and processing routes. A short review regarding weldability is presented based on recommendation provided in EN 1011-2, manufacturers recommendation, and own results. However, even it is a well-known fact, mismatching of properties is presented rather to provide sense of its level for particular steel grades. Moreover, the level of under-matching of weakest weld zone (coarse grained heat affected zone), provided by mean of welding thermo-cycle simulation is presented. This is due to the fact that such estimation is not possible with everyday conventional (standardized) testing. The most important design and technological properties of welded joint(s) are considered; e.g. strength, ductility, hardness, microstructure and toughness.

Key words: Properties, mismatching, distribution, steel, welded joint;

DOI: 10.24867/ATM-2018-2-003

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