Authors: Miloš Pjević, Mihajlo Popović, Ljubodrag Tanović, Goran Mladenović


With fast growing industry in the field of additive technology, possibilities of DIY (Do It Yourself) projects grow as well. This also gives the opportunity for non-expert's users to project and develop some complex products on their own. The reaction was global overflow of the 3D printer's sale worldwide. If we look in the long term, environmental pollution caused by their disposed polymer is their biggest flaw. Recycling process sometimes can be very expensive, and in certain cases unavailable for some users. In this paper, low-cost recycling system for materials that are most commonly used for FDM/FFF method is presented. The main goal was to reduce environmental pollution and 3D printing costs by presenting the possibility of making its own polymer made of scrape plastic. Moreover, this allows users to make their own recipe by mixing different types of scrape polymer, or adding reinforcing material such as chopped dry fibre, metal powder, etc.

Key words: Recycling, Environmental Pollution, Additive Technology, FDM/FFF, Filament Extruder

DOI: 10.24867/ATM-2020-2-003

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