Authors:Edina Karabegović, Redžo Đuzelić


The use of plastics has a very important role in the packaging of medical products. The choice of material and packaging process is important for the sustainability of the medical product quality, which has a direct impact on the user health. For the purpose of protection, depending on the type of medical product or the degree of risk to human health, the medical product packaging process is given a particular importance. Standard methods have been defined for performing the packaging process. In order to achieve the satisfactory quality of the packaging, and following the experimental analysis of the influence of thermoforming process parameters on the packaging design, the paper provides their optimum values. Minitab software was used for the analysis and optimization of the parameters.

Key words: medical packaging, thermoforming, parameters, optimization.

DOI: 10.24867/ATM-2019-2-004

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