Authors: Sebastian Baloš, Milan Pećanac, Mirjana Trivković, Leposava Šidjanin


In this paper, an attempt was made to increase the ballistic protection of the armor system by combining non-homogenous spaced armor in form of multilayer wire mesh with rolled homogenous armor steel base plate. Different angles of incidence were tested: 0, 20, 25 and 35o, by using 12.7 mm armor piercing incendiary ammunition from 100 m. It was found that the inclination of the armor system has a negative effect on ballistic resistance due to variations in wire body-to-body distance, some of which can increase, causing a decreased contact with the projectile and an insufficient yaw. The yaw causes a sideways impact on the base plate. However, the non-penetrating hits in vertical armor cause a more severe damage on the base plate compared to the inclined armor system. This effect is due to the inclination itself, which is a common behavior of increasing effectiveness of sloped armor.

Key words: ballistic testing; wire mesh; spaced armor

DOI: 10.24867/ATM-2019-2-002

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