Authors: Darko Šunjić, Stipo Buljan


Explosive forming is one of the non-conventional impulse technologies of metal forming technologies and it is a relatively young technology that has not been fully explored. The origin, development and application of explosive forming technology is given in this paper, and the advantages and disadvantages are also described. Given the specificity of this technology, this paper presents the calculation of the mass of the explosive as the most important factor in this process and the calculation of the pressure of the shock wave. In fact, with conventional deep drawing technologies, it is possible to design the technology and follow the same steps to reach products of different dimensions. In explosive forming, this is a problem, and it is not possible to follow these rules. Experiments of explosive forming can only be performed by employees trained to work with explosives, following prescribed procedures.

Key words: explosive forming; mass of explosive; velocity speed; pressure

DOI: 10.24867/ATM-2023-1-002

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