Authors: Dušan Petković, Miloš Madić, Goran Radenković


Biomaterials are a special class of contemporary materials used to make prostheses, parts of organs or to replace entire organs. They are used to replace soft and hard tissues. Metal biomaterials are mostly used to replace hard bone tissues and joints. There is no ideal substitution for natural biological material, but each of the biomaterials has a number of advantages and disadvantages. The problem of choosing the most favorable biomaterial is a complex process of multi‐criteria decision‐ making, which requires a lot of knowledge and experience. In order to help decision makers in solving this complex task, a decision support system named MCDM Solver is proposed. MCDM Solver is used in decision‐making process to rank the biomaterials with respect to several criteria. In this paper, MCDM Solver was used to select knee prosthesis material.

Key words: biomaterial selection, multi‐criteria decision making (MCDM), MCDM Solver, decision support system, knee prosthesis;

DOI: 10.24867/ATM-2021-2-006

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