Authors: Aida Imamović, Raza Sunulahpašić, Mirsada Oruč, Omer Kablar, Derviš Mujagić


The influence of the production method, i.e. casting technology on the cleanliness and thus the quality of carbon steels is best determined through the presence and type of non-metallic inclusions. A large number of inclusions, especially oxide and complex ones, can significantly affect the mechanical properties of carbon steels and limit their application for the production of finished products.

This paper presents the influence of the presence, type and amount of non - metallic inclusions in B500B carbon steel according to ASTM / AISI produced by continuous casting technology without and with the application of stream protection.

Key words: carbon steel, continuous casting, non-metallic inclusions, stream protection

DOI: 10.24867/ATM-2021-1-005

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