Authors: Sasa Zivanovic, Slobodan Tabakovic, Sasa Randjelovic


The aim of this paper is to spread the use of Rapid Prototyping technology (RP) - Additive Manufacturing (AM), into design, restauration and making Art sculptural shapes according to the sample. Rapid prototyping is being used since its origin in designers’ fields for a product design, and here it is presented in art design according to the sample, and it has been proved that it is a crucial tool in any design process. In this paper presents a procedure for the rapid prototyping of two models of monuments, the preparation of the model in the STL format and the making of scaled real models of the monuments.

Key words: rapid prototyping-additive manufacturing; art sculptural shape; programming; verification; simulation;

DOI: 10.24867/ATM-2019-1-005

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