Authors: Ghionea Ionut, Opran Constantin, Ćuković Sašac Pleşa Mihaela


This paper presents an overview of an improved solution for an existing micropump model and, also, of the materials recommended to be used in the current stage of the prototype research. This micropump is provided with a closed system for driving and pumping the fluid, obtained by a special constructive solution, where the rotation of the motor shaft is provided by induction of a magnetic field. The micropump system is composed by an external driving and an internal driven magnet, connected to a pair of gears that moves the fluid between the inlet and outlet apertures. These magnets are separated by a metal cover that provides a closed volume for the transported fluid with no need for supplementary sealing, as in the case of classical hydraulic pumps. Due to this constructive solution and to the applicative fields where these magnetic drive micropumps operate, their components are produced from compatible materials to provide a low friction/wear and high efficiency in use

Key words: micropump, magnetic drive, polymeric composite, polymeric, POM, PEEK;

DOI: 10.24867/ATM-2018-1-005

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